Tuivakan prof 122 1


Constituency Noble's No. 1 Representative for Tongatapu
Estate(s) Nukunuku(Tongatapu), Matafonua(Tongatapu), Vaotu'u(Tongatapu) & Matahau(Tongatapu)
Date of Birth 15th January, 1952 
Sex Male
Marital Status Married 

Diploma in Teaching (NZ)
BA Political Science (Australia)


Noble of the Realm
Prime Minister of Tonga 2011 -
Minister of Immigration & Foreign Affairs
Minister of Defense

Parliamentary History

First elected to parliament in 1996
Appointed Speaker of Parliament 2002-2004
Re-elected to Parliament in the November 2010 General Election

Employment History Appointed Minister of Training, Employment, Youth & Sports in 2005.
















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