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THE Speaker of the Legislative Assembly this morning reiterated there is no impeachment motion in the business agenda of the House.

Lord Fakafanua also confirms Parliament has not received any motion to impeach the Prime Minister and other six Cabinet Ministers.

This is one of the petition prayers submission to Parliament in June which called for the impeachment of the accused.

The Lord Speaker denied these media reports unless there will be another submission later.

He also highlighted there are requirements and due process stated in Clause 75 of the Constitution for tabling such a motion.

On Tuesday, November 7th the Speaker Lord Fakafanua corrected the misleading media reports and some social media that there is an impeachment motion due for discussion in Parliament.

The Speaker also reminded legislators of the due process outlined in clause 87 of the House Rules. A form must be completed along with the affidavits and documents of a prima facie case.

The MPs were also urged to correct and avoid discussion that would mislead the public.

He believes getting the right information out through their deliberation will not misinform the people.

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