The Legislative Assembly of Tonga’s Standing Committees on Legislation and Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade will begin public hearing tomorrow 21st of July 2020 on the Foreign Investment Bill 2020.

The Bill has passed the first reading and according to Rule 131(1) of the Rules and Standing orders ;

“The Legislative Assembly shall not proceed upon a Bill after its first reading for a period of two weeks or such longer time that the Assembly decides is needed to allow members to scrutinize the Bill, and for the public to make submissions…”

In an effort to reach out to the public for their opinion on the Bill, radio talkback shows were held on the Broadcom 87.5 FM station.

Meanwhile, a public hearing on the Employment Relations Bill 2020 is also set for this Wednesday and Thursday (July 23).  

Public hearing and consultations on the Water Bill 2020 and the  Food Bill 2020 were completed last week.

The Legislative Assembly has now been adjourned until August 3.

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