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Parliament has voted against a Motion for an Order from Vava’u Noble Representative Lord Tu’ilakepa calling on Government to provide salary for the Prime Minister’s Personal Assistant (PA).

GOVERNMENT reassures Parliament today the relocation of Pangai Si’i Cenotaph is required to accommodate the St George Palace construction.

THE Whole House Committee has today deferred deliberations on a motion concerning the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser’s controversial salary until the Hon. Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva returns to Tonga.

THE Legislative Assembly today approved for Government to take action on a petition concerning the health of residents living close by to the Vete poultry farm at Puke.

Over 120 petitioners claim the most affected are residents living in the vicinity of about 12 feet away from the farm.  

An incident that almost claimed the lives of passengers on board a Real Tonga Airline flight at Ha'apai airport was told that pilot and assistant pilot had differences in interpretation of the aircraft airspeed indicator last Monday.

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