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THE media is the fourth estate mechanism in a democratic society that holds Cabinet and Parliament accountable to the people.

Therefore they should be free and independent to carry out its watchdog role in society.

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Lord Speaker Tu'ivakano opens Internationational Youth Day 2015

THE Legislative Assembly join hands with the rest of the world today in commemorating the International Youth Day.

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Submission of petition to Parliament. L-Acting Clerk Dr. Sione Vikilani, Middle- Lord Vaea & Petitioner Dr. 'Ana Koloto

A petition was submitted to Parliament yesterday calling on the preservation of Tonga’s cultural heritage site of Sia Heu Lupe and related mounds at Patangata.


Participants at Commonwealth Pacific MPs meeting on Pacific Regional Seminar for MPs on Role of Parliamentarians, Wellington.

A recent meeting in New Zealand has recognised Parliament as a key institution to safeguarding and upholding the rights of citizens and its corresponding role in the promotion and protection of human rights.

NO quorum in Parliament yesterday has forced the Legislative Assembly to adjourn until next Monday, August 17, 2015.

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