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The Speaker’s choice award was announced during the closing dinner of Pacific Parliaments’ regional workshop at Lunarossa Restaurant, ‘Anana last Friday.

Walter Holakeituai’s art piece “Fatu” depicts the structure of the Tongan culture in the progress of its transformation and development over time.

In explaining his art piece, Holakeituai said “fatu” portrays the Tongan culture in three eras, the past, present and the future.

“It uses weaving; a traditional art that is common in the culture mostly seen in the production of mats.”

THE regional workshop for Pacific Parliaments in Nuku’alofa last week agreed that regional Parliaments Tonga included should be able to enact gender equality legislation or review existing laws so that they do not discriminate against women.

DEMOCRACY is founded on the participation of both men and women in political, economic and social spheres in society, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) spokesperson.

THE Whole House Committee has rejected Tongatapu 5 Private Bill for the Prime Minister to be elected by the people.

“THE proposed amendment to Clause 50A of the Constitution of Tonga is to enable voters to elect the Prime Minister,” according to Tongatapu 5 MP.

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