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TONGA has many challenges on food security as well as in the Pacific which we need to address.


Chairperson of TPL Board Karl Sanft warmly welcomed visiting MPs

TALAFO’OU meeting last night called on Government to divert fund from the agricultural loan scheme at the Tonga Development Bank to help private sectors in a move to reduce costs of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers for local farmers. The proposal was put forward by a young lad who believed the loan scheme only benefits the exporters and not ordinary local growers.

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Parliamentary visit meeting with Ministry of Finance

THE Honourable Prime Minister yesterday supported the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and National Planning initiative to consider monitoring and evaluating its staff on a monthly basis.It is aimed to boost strong public service delivery and strong leadership.


A parliamentary visit meeting at Fangaloto, Veitongo, Touliki, and Patangata has called on Government to enforce law for littering.


POLICE Act 2010 needs further amendment to give more power and authority to the Minister of Police.

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