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The following clarification is provided for the information of the public due to inquries received by the Office of the Legislative Assembly as to why the Legislative Assembly is not meeting.

At the close of the period for receiving nominations of candidates for the position of Prime Minister at 4.30pm today, a total of two nominations have been received at the Office of the Interim Speaker of Parliament. The first nomination was received on Monday 13 December, and the second nomination was received today. The candidates will be revealed at the meeting of the elected representatives to elect the Prime Minister Designate that will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 15 December at 10am.

Lord Speaker FakafanuaWednesday 15 September – The Legislative Assembly has approved a report, providing a full account of its work for the current parliamentary term beginning in November 2017, and ending in September 2021.

All 16 MPs who attended today’s session unanimously passed it.

The 250 paged report is the first of its kind to be tabled in Parliament’s history, which will be used by legislators as a reference document now and in the future.
It outlines significant events post November 2017 General Election, starting from the election of the Interim Speaker, return of the writ of election, election of the respective Prime Ministers as well as presiding Speaker, Deputy Speakers and Chairpersons of the Whole House Committee.

Nuku‘alofa, Tonga – 6 April 2020 The 2020 parliamentary session will be officially closed tomorrow, Thursday, April 8th in a soft closing ceremony.

Motion of Vote of No Confidence in the Prime Minister

Nuku’alofa, Tonga (10 December 2020) – Parliament held its last meeting for the year 2020 today. One Annual Report was passed and 7 Bills enacted into law by the House during today’s sitting, being Bills that were referred to the Standing Committees for vetting and scrutiny. The House is now adjourned to 12 January 2021.

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