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To collect and provide needed information for Members of Parliament and their staff of reliable and relevant information and knowledge for Parliament.


At the beginning of 2014, the library was relocated to the Speaker’s old office. This is at the end of the eastern wing of the office.


The library is managed and monitored by Fataimoemanu Leki.


This room is mainly aimed for Members of the Legislative Assembly, however we welcome tours and public members who are carrying out research regarding Parliament.


1. Monographs : we hold very few titles of about 200. Only MPs can loan this

2. House Publication : These are publications of the House, such as Bills, for 2 weeks and can extend until they finish working on it.Resolutions, Petitions, Hansard Records, and others which are kept for researchers information.

3. Periodicals. This include Local Governments publications, local newspapers, magazines, and other general political complimentary magazines and newsletter.