THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga’s parliamentary term 2010-2014 will be officially closed next Thursday during a soft closing ceremony in Nuku‘alofa.

Reports from the Palace Office, it is His Majesty’s pleasure for a Commission of three Nobles to officially close the 2014 session of the Legislative Assembly.

Names of Nobles are yet to be confirmed.

The soft closing ceremony will not involve the usual fanfare of a State closing including school marching and parade.

Arrival of MPs will start at 10am before the arrival of the three Nobles to deliver the closing speech.

One of the nobles will deliver a closing speech on behalf of his Majesty King Tupou VI from the throne.

The program concludes with a thank you speech to be delivered by Lord Speaker Fakafanua.

The closing of Parliament is to allow time for candidates to run for the next general election in November.

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