The Parliament is the statute making body of Tonga. While considering legislation (bills) is important, the Parliament is also charged to undertake other duties, including ensuring that the Executive is held accountable for its actions and giving Members opportunities for raising matters of concern. The work undertaken by the Parliament and committees is considered Parliamentary Business.


The key objectives of the Parliamentary Committees is to contribute to the work of the legislative Assembly by inquiring into and reporting on a broad range of issues.

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Petitions are a way of contributing directly to the House on a matter that members of society feel strongly about. It is a way of ensuring parliamentary accountability and transparency.

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Rules of the House

Rules of Procedure of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.

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Hansard is the name given to the edited transcripts of debates in the Parliament and the Whole House Committee. 

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Agenda contains points to be discussed and sometimes refers to the list of topics to be discussed on a particular date inside the Parliament.

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