1. The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is the Chief Executive Officer of the Office of the Legislative Assembly.  The statutory duties of the Clerk under section 19 of the Legislative Assembly Act includes:
    • providing procedural, legal and administrative services to the Speaker and members of the Legislative Assembly;
    • employing,  (in  conjunction  with  the  Speaker  and  with  the approval of the Assembly), and supervising and setting general guidelines for all staff employed at the offices of the Assembly;
    • providing a secretariat to the Assembly and its committees; and
    • advising the Speaker and members on parliamentary law and procedure.
  2. The Clerk is appointed by the Speaker with the approval of the Legislative Assembly.
  3. It  is  important  for  Members  to  ensure  that  the  Office  of  the Legislative Assembly is well resourced since the overall work of the  Assembly  depends  very  much  on  the  quality  of  support provided by the Office.
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