THE Legislative Assembly today approved for Government to take action on a petition concerning the health of residents living close by to the Vete poultry farm at Puke.

Over 120 petitioners claim the most affected are residents living in the vicinity of about 12 feet away from the farm.  

They claim the impacts of Vete poultry farm’s operation are felt by residents through the foul odor and pollution of the air.

“When it rains the impacts of its operation are felt by nearby areas of the farm. Even in windy weather condition, its impact is also experienced by residents in the main village of Puke. Sometimes when chemicals are sprayed in chicken houses, flies are seen in nearby homes and also in the village of Puke,” claimed the petitioners.

The petition was tabled in Parliament by Ha’apai 13 MP Hon. Veivosa Taka and Vava’u Nobles' Representative Number 2, Lord Tu’ilakepa.

Lord Tu’ilakepa said Vete poultry was first established and operated in the area. However, with people moving into the neighborhood, residents are now complaining and it’s best to refer for Government’s consideration.   

In response, the Minister of Revenue andf Customs, Hon. Tevita Lavemaau maintained that the farm had been in operation for over 20 years, and it was not just built yesterday. Hence, he asked Parliament to leave the matter for Government to consider before reporting back to the House.

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