THE Speaker of the Legislative Assembly today calls on parliamentarians they have a responsibility to ensure the constituency funds are utilized for more sustainable projects.

Lord Tu’ivakano reminds MPs, the constituency fund allocation process does not end when the money is handed over to the community.

However, it is their responsibility to ensure a more sustainable project is in place for the electorates.

Lord Tu’ivakano says the project proposals to the Office of the Legislative Assembly are mostly seeking funds for their electorates with no development action plan attached.

He says an action plan should be submitted along with the application for constituency grants.

“MPs should pay attention to ensure the funds allocated are well spent during the financial year and not for them to deposit into their own private bank account or any community groups. Rather, it’s for the community use,” says Lord Tu’ivakano

The Speaker says the Public Accounts Committee approved for grant allocation, but the procurement system needs to be conducted and for further development of the allocation system.

He reminds MPs they should get involved in the process and decide what projects to be implemented. He believes this can be achieved through a closer collaboration with the electorates.

Lord Tu’ivakano is hopeful that through the parliamentary outreach program will have a chance to talk with the community and development groups about these issues.

Last year, the administration and the management of the constituency funds was transferred from the Ministry of Finance to the Office of the Legislative Assembly.


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