A moment of silence was observed yesterday in Parliament in remembrance of a former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.

This is to mark the death of Fuatakifolaha who passed away in Vaiola Hospital Monday morning.

He died at the age of 74 due to heart failure

Vava’u Noble Number 1 to Parliament, Lord Tu’i’afitu relayed the news of Fuatakifolaha’s passing to the House yesterday morning.

Speaker, MPs and staff of the Legislative Assembly will pay their last respect to the deceased before he is taken for his funeral and burial services in Vava’u next week.

Fuatakifolaha who was former Lord Veikune was Speaker of Parliament from 1999-2001.

Reports from the deceased family, he first became a politician in the 70’s.

The deceased is survived by wife ‘Atilua Veikune, five children and 12 grandchildren including first and second grandchildren.

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