TONGATAPU 3 parliamentary annual visit meeting at Pahu, Kolofo’ou and ‘Amaile on Monday night highlighted the need to introduce a neighborhood watch to reduce crimes rate. 

Tongatapu MP Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni responded to a call from ‘Ana Kavaliku of Pahu Village Council that parents have a responsibility to ensure non-blood relations they stay with brings no harm to the community.

Kavaliku said new unfamiliar faces are seen in the village and they acted inappropriately. She gave reference to a recent incident involving a new male comer who was caught illegally entering a house at night.

The concerned resident emphasized parents should help by sending perpetrators to their respective home, regardless whether they are related, friends or not. Kavaliku was concerned about the safety of their young girls.

Hon. Sovaleni said Fasi mo e Afi Village Council had adopted the neighborhood watch amid concerns over the drugs related problems in the area. He said one civilian is assigned to each road block keeping vigilant for unusual behavior and activities.

He said other village councils of Tongatapu 3 constituencies should consider introducing the crime prevention program as solutions to reduce youth unemployment related problems especially burglary.

Sovaleni said the crime prevention program help residents closer with each other on security and safety, thus achieving safe and secure neighborhoods.

The former Deputy PM also informed the Pahu meeting that Tongatapu 3 Constituency Council have organized four computer training opportunities to help engage young people and to minimize crimes.

Meanwhile reports from Vava’u 15 constituency meetings at Masilamea and Toula also call for community police in place for safer community and especially to prevent burglary.

When the national budget was approved by the Legislative Assembly last month there were amendments to the Office of the Legislative Assembly’s vote.

This includes budget allocation of $425,000.00 for the establishment of community police offices with a $147,000 budget so they work together with legislators.

Parliament is now adjourned until further notice so MPs could conduct their annual parliamentary visits.


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