The Legislation Standing Committee has 10 meetings left for consultation on six Government Bills this week.

Seven public dialogue has been arranged for different venues in Tongatapu throughout the week and two meetings for ‘Eua this Friday, May 24.

Two special meetings will be held for the Tonga Law Society today and another one for the youth at the Parliament’s Chamber tomorrow.

Last evening the Legislation Committee conducted a public consultation at Ma’ufanga (Sangato Sosefo Hall) and Kolofo’ou at Epworth Hall, 6 pm respectively.

Similarly, another public forum will be held at Nukunuku, Poutele Tuʻivakanō Hall and Houma at 6 pm

People living in nearby villages are encouraged to attend as their opinion matters. 

Meanwhile, public forum for the remainder of the week are as follows:

WEDNESDAY, 22 May 2019

Kolovai, Catholic Church Hall, 6 pm

Pahu, Fōfōʻangá Hall, 6 pm,

FRIDAY, 24 May 2019

Kolomotu’a, Tuingapapai Hall, 6 pm

FRIDAY, 24 May 2019

ʻOhonuá, SUTT, 10 am

Mataʻahó, Holo Fakakolo, 6 pm

These Government Bills were tabled into Parliament in March. The public consultation underway is to clarify the Bills and to seek public opinion on the proposed changes.
The public is also invited to provide written submissions on the Bills and the deadline is Friday, May 24.

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