13 September 2019

We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of the late Hon. Samuela Ákilisi Pohiva, Prime Minister of Tonga in Auckland, New Zealand. The Legislative Assembly of Tonga wishes to express its deepest sympathies and offers heartfelt condolences to the Hon. Prime Minister’s family and his loved ones.

Prior to his passing, the Hon Prime Minister was a long serving Member of the Legislative Assembly. He entered Parliament in 1987 and until his death, he had been re-elected successfully as the Number One People’s Representative for Tongatapu and following the 2010 Constitutional Reforms, as the People’s Representative for the electoral constituency of Tongatapu 1. Hon. Samuela Ákilisi Pōhiva was first appointed as Prime Minister of Tonga in 2014. He was re-appointed as Prime Minister in 2017, an appointment he held until his passing on 12 September 2019.

The Legislative Assembly will fondly remember the Hon. Prime Minister for the significant and profound contributions he made towards shaping Tonga’s current political and democratic landscape. He was a fearless advocate for democracy and a tireless campaigner for political reform. He was a dedicated Legislator who committed his entire life to serving the people of Tonga.

The Prime Minister’s family and loved ones have the utmost assurances of our thoughts and prayers during this extremely difficult time.

- The Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly


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