Names of 27 successful candidates for the Tonga Youth Parliament 2020 were announced last week.

The announcement was made during a special program in the Parliament’s Chamber.

Tonga Youth Parliament (TYP) for 2020 will run from March 12-20.

In a nationwide address, Speaker of Parliament, Lord Fakafanua stressed that youth are an important investment of the country.

He said the better empowerment tools are provided now, the better investment for them in the future.

He also emphasized that TYP provides a platform for the empowerment of youth.

Tonga Youth Parliament is an opportunity for young people to participate in politics, expose youth MPs to the legislative process and also provide a platform where they can voice their issues and concerns.

The event was postponed from December last year due to the recent measles outbreak in Tonga.

Names of successful youth MPs for the upcoming event are posted on Fale Alea 'o  Tonga Facebook page.

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