THE Legislative Assembly of Tonga’s Parliamentary Standing Committee continues to serve the people despite being closed.

Yesterday Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Environment and Climate Change Hon. Losaline Ma’asi convened a meeting where members were briefed on the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO’s) plan of actions and response following the Tropical Cyclone devastation.

They were also updated on the Clusters’ plan of actions amid concerns of the coronavirus COVID 19.

A similar meeting was called by Chairperson Hon. Semisi Fakahau of the Agriculture and Fisheries Standing Committee.

A briefing session from the Ministry of Agriculture and Nutrition and Fisheries was provided for Members on food security and Livelihood Cluster Response Plan for the coronavirus pandemic period.

The Public Accounts Committee also met recently, a meeting convened by its Chairperson, Hon. Semisi Sika. It was mainly to update Members with information on Government’s response to the coronavirus especially its social-economic impact on the proposed budget 2020/2021.

Meanwhile, Parliament will officially open in May for the discussion of the budget.



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