THE Whole House Committee will further scrutinise the Act of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2020.

Its purpose is to insert a new clause that will integrate the Tongan culture, traditions and our customary law into the Courts and Tribunal’s court systems.

Tongatapu 2 people’s representative Hon. Mateni Tapueluelu moved for the Bill to be referred to the Whole House Committee after the second reading.

The Bill was tabled into Parliament on September 7, and it was referred to the Legislation Standing Committee upon the Speaker’s direction. The Committee then scrutinised the Bill and compiled a report and submitted to Parliament on Monday.

In his 2020 Constituency visits’ report, Tongatapu 2 MP Semisi Sika asked Cabinet about the safety and the airline’s airworthiness. He was surprised to learn it took only months from April for Lulutai Airline to be issued with an AOC.

The former Deputy Prime Minister said he is confident the airline has complied with the legal and the technicality aspects of the AOC but finds the safety of the airline’s aircraft an issue.

The Bill provides that technical rules of evidence will not apply to the existence, nature and extent of customs and customary law produced before courts and tribunals.

Tonga is among other few Pacific island countries that does not give express constitutional recognition to customs and customary law.

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