THE Hon. Prime Minister Designate of the Tonga Youth Parliament 2021 today announced his 14 member Cabinet.

Hon. Kisione Vea Pakalani announced the ministerial portfolios during day two orientation.

The Prime Minister’s Cabinet comprised of the followings:

Ministries  Name  Post 
 1 Prime Minister’s Office
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Defense and His Majesty’s Armed Forces
Ministry of Land & Survey 
Kisione Vea Pakalani  Prime Minister / Eua 11 
Ministry of Agricultures, Food and Forests and Fisheries  Ákesa Vea Fetuú  People’s Representative Tongatapu 5 
 3 Ministry of Trade, Economic Development  Heleni Patolo  People’s Representative Niua 17 
 4 Ministry of Education and Training  Samuela Ínoke  Noble’s Representative Haápai 1 
 5 MEIDECC  Tepola Lolohea  People’s Representative Tongatapu 2
 6 Ministry of Finance and National Planning  ‘Anaseini Vaitaki  People’s Representative Tongatapu 3
Ministry of Tourism  Fai’ana Fukofuka  People’s Representative Vava’u 14 
 8 Ministry of Infrastructure ‘Otile Talanoa  People’s Representative Tongatapu 8 
 9 Ministry of Internal Affairs, Youth and Employment Taipaleti Fangufangu  People’s Representative Ha’apai 13
 10 Ministry of Justice Matelita Houa  People’s Representative Tongatapu 9 
 11 Ministry of Public Enterprises Élioti Tuútafaiva  Noble’s Representative Haápai 
 12 Ministry of Revenue and Customs ‘Alekisio Pahia  People’s Representative Tongatapu 10 
 13 Ministry of Police, Prisons and Fire Services ‘Uluaki Mana í Kena Tongia  Noble’s Representative Tongatapu 1 
 14 Ministry of Health Solomone Timani  Noble’s Representative Niua 

TYP 2021 sitting days will be on Thursday and Friday (October 28-29). 


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