The Whole House Committee has passed all six Government Bills tabled in Parliament yesterday including the Bail (Amendment) Bill 2022. 

It was put into a ballot and 12 MPs voted and supported it. 

The Bail Amendment Bill was tabled in Parliament yesterday and was referred for further consideration and debates in the Whole House Committee. 

The main purpose of this proposed amendment is to ensure that a person who has been convicted and sentenced to an immediate term of imprisonment will not be granted bail pending the hearing of their appeal. This is unless the conditions in section 4B(2) in the Principal Act outline below are satisfied.  

These are four elements the Court should consider whether a bail may not be granted.   

a) the nature or seriousness of the offence (and the probable method of dealing with the defendant for it); 

(b) the character, antecedents, associations and community ties of the defendant; 

(c) the defendants' record in respect of the fulfilment of obligations under previous grants of bail; 

(d) the strength of the evidence of his having committed the offence. 

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