For Immediate Release

The office of the Speaker wishes to clarify that, to date, it has not received any motion for impeachment of any of the Members of Parliament, including the Prime Minister or any of his Cabinet Ministers. There are requirements in the Rules and Standing orders of the Legislative that needs to be fulfilled before submitting any motion to impeach any Member of Parliament. Such a motion must be according to Clause 75 of the Constitution and Clause 87 of the Rules of Procedure of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga.

There was also a recent article based on a Press Conference by the Prime Minister which says;

“that the final decision for the House to proceed and impeach the Prime Minister and six Cabinet Ministers rested with the Speaker of the House, Lord Fakafanua”.

Again the office wishes to reiterate that this is incorrect as there has been no motion for impeachment and any outcome of the debate on the Auditor’s Report will not automatically result in the impeachment of Members of Parliament.


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