Members from the TONGA Youth Parliament 2018 has donated cash prizes worth $3500.00 towards charity and non charity organisations.

This morning TYP Whole House Committee Chairman and People’s Representative for Tongatapu 3, Penisimani Tonga donated his “Ko Hotau Fale Alea” award of $1000.00 to Tonga Scripture Union.

Rev. Taufa Filiai of the Scripture Union accepted it and thanked the donor for his generous assistance.

Another TYP Noble Representative 2 of Tongatapu Samuela Halahala, gave away his $250 award to Maamaloa Kindergarten.

Last week, a $1000 contribution was made towards the Alonga Centre in Pea. It was a combination of four cash prizes of Vava’u 2 Noble Representative ‘Aisea Talakai, Tongatapu 5, 7 and 9 Youth MPs Tevita Manu’atu, David Hamani and Sione Tu’a respectively.

TYP 2018 Prime Minister ‘Aulola ‘Ake and Tongatapu 3 Noble Representative Taone Ma’afu also contributed $750 to the Mango Tree Respite Centre.

Tongatapu 4 Youth MP Hans Jensen and ‘Ake also handed over $250 each to Mana Archery Club and Tae Kami Foundation (Walk on Walk Strong WOWS).

These prizes were sponsored by the Lord Speaker, Nishi Trading Co Ltd, Tonga Power Limited, Oregon Pacific International, and Clerk of Parliament.


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