Government has confirmed that the newly established state owned Lulutai Airline’s is safe and reliable to provide air services in Tonga.

The Finance Minister Hon. Tevita Lavemaau announced this when Parliament discussed Tongatapu 2 MP’s 2020 Constituency Visits Report yesterday.

His comments came after Tongatapu 2 MP, Sēmisi Sika questioned the safety of the airline’s aircraft to provide commercial flight in Tonga.

On Monday, the Prime Minister Hon. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa announced that government will commission the national air carrier at the Fu’amotu airport hangar. The new airline will also be issued with the Air Operation Certificate (AOC).

The airline also provided testing flights yesterday, a requirement to demonstrate the national air carrier assurance it can provide safe and reliable flights.

In his 2020 Constituency visits’ report, Tongatapu 2 MP Semisi Sika asked Cabinet about the safety of the airline’s airworthiness. He was surprised to learn it took only three months for Lulutai Airline to be issued with an AOC.

The former Deputy Prime Minister said he is confident the airline has complied with the legal and the technicality aspects of the AOC and finds the safety of the airline’s aircraft an issue.

Real Tonga Airlines company operating license ceased earlier this year and government did not renew it due to financial reasons and set up the new Lulutai Airline.

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