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Kuo fakanofo 'e He'ene' Afio Tupou VI 'a Rt. Hon. Lord Tangi ko e Sea Fakataimi 'o e Fale Alea 'o Tonga, 'o kamata lau ia mei he 'abo ni, 'aho Falaite 17 'o Noverna 2017. Na'e fakanofo 'a e Sea Fakataimi 'o e Fale Alea 'o fakatatau ki he rnafai 'i he Kupu 61 'o e Lao 'o e Konisitiitone 'o Tonga.

Ko e fatongia 'o e Sea Fakataimi 'o e Fale Alea ke ne fakaafe'i 'a e kau fakafofonga Fale Alea kuo fill ke fakahii ange 'enau fokotu'u 'o ha fakafofonga kuo fili, 'a ia 'oku nau loto ke fili ko e Palemia Fill. 'E toki ui leva 'e he Sea Fakataimi 'o e Fale Alea 'a e fakataha 'a e kau fakafofonga Fale Alea kuo fili, 'a ia te nau fakahoko ai 'enau fakaha loto 'o fili 'a e Palemia Fili mei he kau fakafofonga 'e fokotu'u ange. 'E fili foki 'i he fakataha tatau 'a e Sea mo e Tokoni Sea 'o e Fale Alea 'o Tonga. Koe'uhi ko e fatongia ko 'eni, kuo kamata ngaue ai 'a e Sea Fakataimi 'o e Fale Alea ke tataki 'a e 'Ofisi 'o e Fale Alea 'o Tonga 'i hono tokanga'i 'o e ngaahi fokotu'utu'u ki hono fakahoko 'a e ngaahi fatongia ko ia 'o fakatatau ki he ngaahi fiema'u 'a e lao.

'I he lolotonga ni, 'oku fai 'a e fakatatali ki he 'aho 'e fakafoki ai 'a e tohi fekau fili (writ of election) mei he Komisoni Fili ki He'ene 'Afio, Tupou VI. Kuo pau ke fakafoki 'a e tohi fekau fili
'i he pe kimu'a he 'aho 30 'o Novema 2017. 'Oku mahu'inga 'a e 'aho 'e fakafoki ai 'a e tohi fekau fiJi he 'oku kamata lau mei he 'aho ko ia 'a e taimi fakalao ke fakakakato ai 'a e ngaahi ngaue kuo pau ke fakahoko 'i he teuteu ki he fili 'o e Palemia Fili, Sea 'o e Fale Alea mo e Tokoni Sea 'o e Fale Alea.

'E hokohoko atu hono 'oatu ha ngaahi fakamatala mei he "Ofisi 'o e Sea Fakatairni 'o e Fale Alea 'o Tonga ke fakamahino 'a e fokotu'utu'u mo e founga ki he ngaue mahu'inga ko 'eni 'oku tokanga ki ai 'a e kakai 'o e fonua.

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Lord (Dr.) Viliami Tangi is currently the Chief Surgeon Specialist at Vaiola Hospital in Tonga. He graduated from the Fiji School of Medicine in 1973. Dr. Tangi gained the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, (FRACS) in 1983, becoming the first Tongan Clinician to gain a Fellowship by examination in any medical discipline. Dr. Tangi was appointed Minister for Health, Tonga in March 1999, a post he held for the next eleven and a half years. He was appointed directly from the clinical settings and Dr. Tangi has worked as a surgeon specialist in New Zealand, Australia, and Niue but mostly in Tonga.

He was also appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Tonga, in May 2006 for four and a half years and Acting Minister for Police, Prison and Fire Services for two years. During these years, Tonga's Ministry of Health went through major reform involving all areas of works with strong emphasis on Human Resource Development. Health Care Financing, Infrastructure Development and Health Information systems.

Dr. Tangi was a member of the Executive Board of WHO in 2005-2007. Currently, he is involved in capacity building of young doctors both locally and in the region. He is a Senior Clinical Advisor to SSCSiP, an AusAID funded project in Strengthening Specialised Clinical Services in the Pacific. He is also a member of the Scientific and Technical Expert Group (STEG) which provides advises to the Public Health Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). Dr. Tangi is the President of the Pacific Islands Surgeons Association (PISA) and in 2016. became a member of the Global Health Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Dr. Tangi is a Trustee of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga: Chairman of the Finance Committee of the church; Chairman of the Advisory Council of Tupou College and the General Secretary of the Tupou College Old Boys Association.


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